The small South Australian community of Prospect Hill is defined by the passion of its inhabitants for their heritage. This website was built to tell the stories of this community.

This website shares the memories of a community that was saved by its heritage. Prospect Hill was devastated by the Ash Wednesday bush fires of 1983. Since then, the community has found refuge in their heritage and rebuilt their lives. Their stories are important for every Australian because they show that the ordinary histories of ordinary townships contain extraordinary stories.

Many communities have their own unique stories. If their memories are not recorded, irreplaceable knowledge is lost to future generations. This website was built in response to a request from the Prospect Hill Community Association to record memories that are known to a few aging community members. This situation is common in Australia and, indeed, worldwide. The knowledge of older people is both rich and precarious. Their stories have been recorded for visitors and residents of Prospect Hill.

The stories gathered here emerged from work undertaken by local community groups, the Prospect Hill Community Association, the National Trust (SA) and the Mt Barker District Council. Interviews were undertaken by Jordan Ralph and Antoinette Hennessy of Flinders Archaeological Society. Greg Morrison provided primary liaison with the Prospect Hill Community Association.

We are grateful to all the people who have contributed to this project.

Claire Smith and Jordan Ralph, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University, and Prospect Hill Community Association.